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Medicare Part B covers a portion of:

Doctor's services
Outpatient hospital care
Laboratory tests
Outpatient physical therapy
Certain home health care
Certain ambulance services
Outpatient speech therapy
Certain medical equipment and supplies

Part B coverage is optional. If you or your spouse is still working and covered by your employer group health plan, you may not need this part of Medicare until you or your spouse retires. Learn more.

The Medicare Part B premium ($104.90 in 2015) is automatically deducted from your Social Security check every month. If you don't receive Social Security benefits, you will be billed for Part B. People with higher incomes (individuals with annual incomes over $85,000 and couples with incomes over $170,000) will pay higher Part B premiums. 

All Medicare beneficiaries pay at least $104.90 for this year's Part B premium.

Medicare Part B Coverage & Deductibles

Medicare Part B 2016

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