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What plan is right for you?

A few questions that will help guide you in making the proper choice:

1. What is your health condition? Do you have a pre-existing condition (diabetes, cancer, heart, emphysema)?

2. When was the last time you were hospitalized?

3. How many times per year do you visit a doctor? Primary care or Specialist?

4. Are you under any medications?

5. Can your budget afford an extra expense? $30-250+/mo.?

6. You have pre-existing health issues or concerns about future health expenses.

Are you aware that in many cases the cost of a Medicare Supplement is less than paying out of pocket copays and deductibles?

Medicare Part A premium = Most people don't pay a monthly premium.

Medicare Part A Hospital Deductibles: (click here)

$1,260 deductible for each benefit period ($1,288 in 2016)

Days 1-60: $0 coinsurance for each benefit period ($0 in 2016)
Days 61-90: $315 coinsurance per day of each benefit period ($322 in 2016)
Days 91 and beyond: $630 coinsurance ($644 in 2016) per each "lifetime
reserve day" after day 90 for each benefit period (up to 60 days over your
Beyond lifetime reserve days: all costs (all costs in 2016)

Deductible or out of pocket expenses can add up to thousands of dollars

Part B Premium = Most people pay $104.90 each month.

Medicare Part B Deductible & Coinsurance: (click here)

You Pay:

Deductible $147 per year ($166 in 2016). After your deductible is met, you typically pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for most doctor services
(including most doctor services while you're a hospital inpatient), outpatient therapy, and durable medical equipment.

Deductible and 20% of Medicare-approved coverage's (no excess charges for specialists) can add up to thousands of dollars

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage): (click here)

Part C monthly premium: cost varies by plan. 

Deductibles, coinsurance and co-payments varies by plan. Contact or Contact Us.

Medicare Part D (Medicare prescriptions, drug coverage's) (click here)

Part D monthly premium varies by plan (higher income earners may pay more).

  • For more information on Medicare Supplement - Medigap Insurance coverage (click here)

As a Type 1 Diabetic for over 50 years I know the value of insurance and will be happy to share my knowledge to help you get the coverage you need and can afford. In many cases a good Medicare Supplement is far less expensive than standard Medicare deductibles.

  • Due to many Insurance Companies selling Medigap and Advantage policies we are unable to advise until we are aware of your needs.

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